How far should the heat lamp be from the food?

The ideal distance for heat lamps is typically 14”-16” away from the food.


What is the extension and retraction range of your retractable heat lamps.

Our retractable heat lamps have a range of 30”-100” from the ceiling.


What type of bulbs come with a Hanson heat lamp product and what is the best bulb for me?

All of our domestic (US) Heat Bulbs are 120V, 250W food service/culinary heat bulbs. This is an industry standard bulb with a protective Teflon coating to meet health code standards. The protective Teflon helps to contain any glass if the bulb is struck or otherwise broken. *We do have specialized 240V Bulbs for our international customers.


Which heat lamp shade style produces the most heat?

The difference in heat between the different shades is negligible, if measurable.


How many lamps should I use for my pass-through window?

The answer depends on the lamp shade you choose as they vary in size, but typically one every 8-14 inches.


Do you have track lighting?

Yes, all our ceiling mounted and retractable lamps are available as track lighting.


Do you have cases?

Yes, we have cases for all of our freestanding single and double lamps.


Will my lamps come with bulbs?

Yes, all applicable Hanson products ship from the factory with bulbs, with the option for additional to be bought at the time of purchase or anytime in the future.


Do you ship to my location?

Yes, we have customers all around the world and will ship globally.

Hanson provides quality heat lamps for food, along with custom units, heated base units, and even sneeze guards. Our specialty is supplementing premium dining establishments with our timeless designs, consistent heat temperatures, and durable materials.